Kit Rae BlackJet™ Throwing Axe

Kit Rae is well known for his fantasy swords and knives, but has also been an avid throwing knife and axe enthusiast for over twenty years.
This is Kit's favorite thrower, and hands down, the best sport throwing axe on the market.

The straight handle design and balance makes it very easy to throw. Most people learn how to throw it within 5 minutes of use, whereas it often takes days to learn to throw knives, and many people simply give up in frustration. For the novice, there are four penetrating points (front edge, top edge point, back spike, and pommel point), so it is easy to stick one of them in the target even with a bad throw. For the advanced thrower, those four points give you four different ways of throwing to master. Constructed of one solid piece of 420 stainless steel, with black coated finish, and includes areinforced nylon blade pouch.

Overall length: 14 7/8". Weight: 14oz (423g)






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