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Due to the large volume of e-mail I receive it is impossible to personally respond. I would never get any work done and I think that you would rather have more new blades and artwork than to hear me yak! I can assure you that I DO try to read each and every email I am sent, so send your compliments, complaints, suggestions, and bad jokes to:

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Or you can message through my Facebook page at:

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I want everyone to know I sincerely appreciate your interest, praise, and support of my work. Without you there would be no Kit Rae Fantasy Art.


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An unfortunate side effect of working hard to create something that people like is that other people feel they can freely copy your work and make money off of it instead of creating their own. I appreciate VERY much those of you who buy my original art and collectible weapons instead of the knockoffs. You can help us stop it by reporting counterfeits HERE

VERIFYING AUTHENTICITY and BLADE MARKINGS - Besides the poor quality, there are several identifying markings that distinguish authentic Kit Rae blades from counterfeits. HERE is a simple blade marking guide.


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