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One of my favorite bands in the 1990s was called Emotional Smoke, an infamous East Tennessee punk-classic-garage rock band. They were a strange mix of the Ramones and Pink Floyd. This web page is dedicated to the music and history of that troubled band. This web page is completely unauthorized and not sanctioned by the band or its members (Images above L to R: Emo Skull from inner album sleeve, Bone Shepherd promotional poster, first LP release).

Here is a great article from Music Mover Magazine about the band.

THE MUSIC - Here is a collection of MP3 clips of some of the surviving recordings made by the band. Most of these were ripped from old cassette tapes, LPs, and a CD of the bands music. Sound quality varies from OK, to very poor, but that is the way the band would have liked it. Thanks to all of the fans who contributed MP3s for this page. If you have any recordings or photos of this band you would like to contribute, contact me at the email adress above. So far I have not located a single photo of any member of this band.

Driving Theme.mp3
[Driving Theme Demo - Instrumental]

Waste of time.mp3
[Waste of Time Demo]

Dumbass live.mp3
[Dumbass - Emotional Smoke Live]

King of the CIA live.mp3
[King of the CIA - Emotional Smoke Live]

Chaos Rain Mix 3(final).mp3
[Chaos Rain Demo]

She's My Baby live.mp3
[She's My Baby live - Emotional Smoke Live]

Three rare Emotional Smoke tour shirts from the mid 90s

Wild Thing-Live.mp3
[Wild Thing - Emotional Smoke bastardization of the Troggs classic]

01 Down to the Dreggs.mp3
[Down to the Dreggs Original 4 Track Demo]

Pablo Picasso-Live '92.mp3
[Pablo Picasso - very early Emotional Smoke recording of a Modern Lovers cover]

The coolest Feedback Ever-92.mp3
[Horrible feedback noise typical of the bands live shows]

Five Fingered Eye demo.mp3
[Five Fingered Eye Demo]

Intense demo.mp3
[Intense Demo - Instrumental]

INTENSE MUSIC VIDEO - The one and only video ever released by the band. Poorly directed by indie video director John Slewart, it is rumored that there is an actual murder caught on film in this video. Slewart was primarily known as a porn music video director. He owed the band money and directed the video for free to pay off his debts. He was murdered in 1991 under mysterious circumstances involving copyright violations and Elvis impersonation. His death is still under investigation.


INTENSE MUSIC VIDEO - Windows Media Viewer

End of the World demo.mp3
[End of the World - Instrumental]

Dead End Day.mp3
[Dead End Day - Very rough Emotional Smoke Live recording]

Fan club merchandise order form from inner CD sleeve of Sounds from the Grave

Smoke Filled Room.mp3
[Smoke Filled Room - Instrumental inspired by a Twin Peaks tune]

[Passage - Demo]

Water and Metal.mp3
[Water and Metal - Instrmental]

Blood on the Blade.mp3
[Blood on the Blade - Instrumental with sloppy drums]

Rare Black Death label from a small run of the “liquer” the band sold at shows. Most of the 500 bottles made were siezed by police when it was found they were being sold without a liquor license.

The machine that goes ping.mp3
[More messing around with delays]

[Firelight - Instrumental]

0Oblivion 1.mp3
[Oblivion - Horrible ES noises]

Oblivion 2.mp3
[Oblivion 2 - More horrible ES noises]

Original CD cover art and booklet cover from the Sounds from the Grave CD

Too Tired demo.mp3
[Too Tired - Instrumental]

Mysteriously Impaled.mp3
[Mysteriously Impaled - More horrible ES noise]

[Harmonics+delay Messing Around]

It's OK to Leave Me Now.mp3
[It's OK to Leave Me Now - Instrumental]

Tangent Vortex-harmonizer.mp3
[Tangent Vortex 1 - Horrible ES harmonizer noise]

Tangent Vortex-harmonizer2.mp3
[Tangent Vortex 2 - More horrible ES harmonizer noise]

Tangent Vortex-harmonizer3.mp3
[Tangent Vortex 3 - Even more horrible ES harmonizer noise]

Fist of Sand (Acoustic).mp3
[Fist of Sand - Instrumental for the uncompleted John Slewart film, Trail of the Dead]

Trail of the Dead (Acoustic).mp3
[Trail of the Dead - Instrumental for the uncompleted John Slewart film, Trail of the Dead]

Emo fan club merchandise and posters

All music and recordings are Copyright Kit Rae, except Wild Thing/The Troggs and Pablo Picasso/Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers. Do not link to or use without permission of Kit Rae.