The Keep Score by Tangerine Dream

Strange Obsessions for the Music from an Obscure 1983 Supernatural Horror Film

Written by Kit Rae (and friends). Last update December 2013.


2001 - THE KEEP MOTION PICTURE SCORE from Orange Records (CD). This was a bootleg of the official TDI limited edition CD of The Keep from 1997. Also includes four previously released tracks from other bootlegs.

1. Gloria Theme
2. Ancient Powerplant
3. The Silver Seal
4. Voices from a Common Land
5. Arx Allemand
6. The Night in Romania
7. Canzone
8. Sign in the Dark
9. Weird Village
10. Love and Destiny
11. The Challenger's Arrival
12. Supernatural Accomplice
13. Parallel Worlds
14. Truth and Fiction
15. Wardays Sunrise
16. Heritage Survival
17. South Camora - *Taken from The Hollywood Years Vol 2
18. Moorland - *Taken from antique Dreams
19. Silver Scale - *Taken from Tangents
20. The Keep (Logos) - *Taken from Logos

* These tracks do not appear on the original 1997 TDI release of The Keep Soundtrack

2000 – THE KEEP ULTIMATE EDITION from Buster Cat Productions (three CD’s) – This collects most tracks from the previous bootlegs, including the First Mix, Blue Moon, and Event Horizon bootlegs. As such it is somewhat repetitive, but up to this point was the most complete bootleg of the TD soundtrack music and non soundtrack music associated with the film. Cover art was changed in 2001 using the same cross as the 1997 TDI cover art.

Disc 1
1. Evil Healing
2. Evil Healing pt. 2
3. Evil Healing (Alternative Theme)
4. Eva and Glaeken Overlook The Keep
5. Glaeken Awakes
6. Fisherman’s Morning
7. Einsatzkommandos (Remix)
8. Glaeken Gunned Down
9. Dreamscape
10. Brothers In Death
11. Brothers In Death (Alternative Theme)
12. Arx Allemand
13. Canzone
14. Deadly Silver Crosses
15. Death of Woermann and Kaempffer
16. Deadly Silver Crosses (Alternative Theme)
17. End Title
18. Leave Taking
19. Crossing Saver - also known as Glaeken Awakens and Eva and Glaeken Overlooking the Keep
20. The Keep Theme

Disc 2
1. Gloria (Blue Moon Version)
2. Weird Village
3. The Keep (Main Title)
4. Truth And Fiction
5. Raping of Eva
6. Sign in the Dark
7. South Camora
8. Stealing the Silver Cross
9. The Black Soldiers 1st Mix
10. The Talisman
11. The Keep (Mid Theme Remix)
12. Wardays Sunrise
13. Glaeken’s Quest
14. The Evil From Within
15. Supernatural Accomplice
16. The Keep (End Theme Remix)
17. Denounce
18. Terrible

Disc 3
01. The Silver Seal
02. Mirage
03. Love and Destiny
04. Heritage Survival
05. Gloria (First Mix Version)
06. Dinu Pass
07. Puer Natus est Nobis (Gloria Theme)
08. Parallel Worlds
09. Gloria (Fantasy Merchants Version)
10. Desert Run
11. Removing the Silver Cross
12. Renewed Purpose
13. Rush of Joy
14. Romanian Road
15. Sailing Mission
16. The Black Soldiers
17. The Challenger’s Arrival
18. Showdown
19. The Night in Romania
20. The Keep End Theme (First Mix Version)

1999 - THE KEEP on Netflix – The widescreen version of the film (probably from the Laser Disk master) streamed on Netflix for a short period of time. It streamed again in late November 2010, and again briefly in 2013.

1999 - THE KEEP from Event Horizon (double CD) – This bootleg includes three newly heard Tangerine Dream tracks from New York Radio that contain music and sounds very similar to the material used in The Keep, although non of these actual tracks appear in the film. It also includes previously released tracks from the German radio broadcast, the 70/90 bootleg, tracks from the Blue Moon bootleg, sections recorded from the Laser Disk of the film, and a few tracks from the Fantasy Merchants CD (a cover band, not Tangerine Dream).

Disk 1
1. Main Title (4:07) *
2. Dinu Pass (3:06) *
3. Einsatzkommandos (5:17) *
4. Deadly Silver Crosses (6:30) *
5. Brothers in Death (8:10) *
6. Removing the Silver Cross (3:06) #
7. Glaeken Awakens (2:05)
8. The Evil From Within (4:49) *
9. Raping of Eva (3:22) #
10. Glaeken's Quest (4:42) *
11. Evil Healing Part I (3:52) *
12. Evil Healing Part II (0:42) #
13. Eva and Glaeken Overlooking the Keep (2:43)
14. Glaeken Gunned Down (0:43) #
15. Death of Woermann and Kaempffer (2:30) #
16. The Talisman (3:08) #
17. Showdown (1:41) #
18. End Title (2:06) #
19. Gloria (3:15) *

Disk 2
1, # The Keep (4:50) Fantasy Merchants cover
2. # Glaeken's Quest (4:27) Fantasy Merchants cover
3. # Brothers in Death (8:16) Fantasy Merchants cover
4. # Fisherman's Morning (3:41) Fantasy Merchants cover
5. # Evil Healing (4:58) Fantasy Merchants cover
6. Deadly Silver Crosses (alternative theme) (5:27) @ Said to be Newly found material composed for The Keep
7. Brothers in Death (alternative theme) (2:32) @ Said to be Newly found material composed for The Keep
8. Evil Healing (alternative theme) (3:53) @ Said to be Newly found material composed for The Keep
9. Einsatzkommandos (Remix) (8:58)
10. Gloria (3:07) * The 1997 TDI version is the same but with additional keyboards added.
11. Romanian Road (2:52) *
12. Fisherman's Morning (3:22) *
13. Sailing Mission (3:02) *
14. The Keep (remix) (1:49) {{
15. The Keep (remix) (2:11) {{

Total Time: 128:07

* taken from the 1994 BLUE MOON bootleg and the German radio broadcasts
# taken from the Laser Disk
@ taken from New York Radio
{{ taken from the 70/90 bootleg

1998 – THE KEEP ORIGINAL SOUDTRACK (cancelled) – Virgin Records. Like the unfulfilled Virgin records announcement in 1984 of a soundtrack release, Virgin records also once again announced there would be a release in January of 1998, later bumped to an August release. August passed and the release was again cancelled as licensing and contractual problems continued. Had the actual sountrack been released on Virgin records in 1984 as originally planned, it would most certainly have included around 40 minutes of the 60 minutes of material on the TDI release (35-45 min was an average running time of an LP record).

The Keep Soundtrack TDI

1997 - THE KEEP ORIGINAL SOUDTRACK –TDI/Virgin (official TDI release) - At long last the official soundtrack of music from the film got a release - well, not exactly. Tangerine Dream released this rare 150 piece limited edition CD of their 'official' soundtrack, which sold at concerts in 1997. In 1999 another limited run of 300 was made with different cover art, sold through the Tangerine Dream International (TDI) website. Edgar Froese stated in 1997 that he had spent more than six weeks working to bring the original score material into a CD format. He said the CD would include most of the material known from the picture plus some of the tracks which have not been used within the movie due to director's decision. The sleeve notes state this is the only authorized soundtrack of the complete music material originally composed for the movie which was recorded in February 1983. This may be some of the complete music TD recorded for the movie, but only portions of 5 of the 16 tracks were actually used in the film, and despite the claim that this would "include most of the material known from the picture", it simply does not. None of the key tracks from the film are here.

Expectations were very high when this soundtrack was announced, then when people were actually able to listen to it there was extreme disappointment and even anger among the TD fan base. In no way should this be confused for the actual soundtrack to The Keep. Other than just a few of the sixteen tracks, it is stylistically and musically very different to anything in the film. This should be considered a 'lost' TD soundtrack or what ‘might have been’, but those expecting music from the film will be very disappointed. That said, this is a very good album of original Tangerine Dream material, with several excellent compositions. Had this music been used, it would have made The Keep a very different film, and probably made it feel more dated today, since this unused music includes a lot of sounds specific to the mid 1980's period. It also seems to have been updated with modern additional sounds, or "tangentized" to use Edgar Froese's term, and some tracks sound like they were recorded several years after The Keep based on the instrumentation used. That is probably what Edgar Froese was doing for those six weeks he worked to bring the music to CD format. It is a hard-to-find CD and expensive on the trading market. A few of these tracks (or similar versions) had already been played on German radio in 1987 and 1989, already appeared on the First Mix and Blue Moon bootlegs of The Keep, and the live 1982 concert bootleg Logostype/Logotype.

Interestingly the CD sleeve is printed with the copyrights ©TDI Music and the circle P symbol, Virgin. Circle P indicates a phono record copyright (cassette tapes, CDs, LPs, 45 rpm disks, as well as other formats), so the fact that Virgin is credited is an indication that they have rights to this original material composed by TD, but TDI is also credited. Perhaps the additional material recorded and added to the old tracks in 1997 for this release was to allow TD to claim copyright.

The only tracks to feature music from the film are The Night in Romania (first played in the live 1982 concerts), some of the underlying music in middle section of Canzone, and the first few minutes of Supernatural Accomplice. A small portion of Truth and Fiction is reminiscent of some of the vocoder music in the film, but this track was not used in the film. Puer Natus est Nobis is the same version of the Gloria track released on previous bootlegs, but additional instrumentation has been added here, and it is very different from the film version. In all, about six minutes of the sixty minutes of music on the disk was actually used in the film.

1. Puer Natus est Nobis (Gloria theme) (3:09) # *Gloria. Identical to the track played on German radio in 1987 but with additional keyboards added in 1997. A small section of this music was used in the film, but this recording is completely different.
2. Ancient Powerplant (4:28)  *Not used in the film. Fisherman's Morning. Similar to the track played on German radio in 1989, but it is about a minute longer here.
3. The Silver Seal (3:07) Not used in the film. Instrumentation sounds similar to tracks on the White Eagle album and Kamikaze 1989 soundtrack from 1982.
4. Voices from a Common Land (4:06)  *Romanian Road. Identical to the track played on German radio in 1987, but about one minute longer.
5. Arx Allemand (4:24) Not used in the film. This may have been recorded in the 1982 period, but some instrumentation sounds indicate it may have been recorded later.
6. The Night in Romania (3:15) # >The Renewed Purpose section of the 1982 live concerts. Appears in the film on three occasions, more-or-less as presented here.
7. Canzone (2:51) # Part of the middle of this track was used in the film, but additional music has been added over the original track that significantly alters it. These additions were probably added in 1997.
8. Sign in the Dark (4:19)  > Not used in the film. A reworked version of the Desert Run section of the 1982 live concerts.
9. Weird Village (3:23) This track has some of the vibe of the film music, but it was not used in the film. It sounds like it came right out of the1982 live concerts. Similar instrumentation to the Wavelength soundtrack, specifically Running Through The Hills and Alley Walk.
10. Love and Destiny (3:31) Not used in the film. The instrumentation used sounds like this was actually recorded in the late 1980's or early 1990's, not in 1983.

11. The Challenger's Arrival (4:32) *# Sailing Mission/Evil healing. Although it bears little resemblance to anything in the film, the synth chords and ascending tones from the middle section (minus drums and guitar) were used in the scene where Cuza makes his bargain with Molasar. This is an altered version of the original track called Evil Healing from the First Mix and Blue Moon bootlegs, re recorded/remixed in 1997. This version is about 40 seconds longer and not quite as mean and dark sounding as the original.
12. Supernatural Accomplice (4:07) # The first few minutes of this track appear in the film. The rest of the track, although not in the film, fits with the film music. The middle section of the music is similar to the track Deadly Silver Crosses from the First Mix bootleg, which was used as the film trailer music.
13. Parallel Worlds (4:29) Not used in the film. Instrumentation in the second half sounds like it is from the late 1980's - early 1990's, not 1983.
14. Truth and Fiction (2:52) Not used in the film, but it has some of the same vibe and feel of the vocoder music used in the film.
15. Wardays Sunrise (3:20) Not used in the film. Similar sound and guitar as The Challengers Arrival.
16. Heritage Survival (4:13) > Not used in the film. This is the Rush of Joy section of the 1982 live concerts with additional instrumentation added.

Total running time 60:06

# music heard in the film, or similar to the music heard in the film.
* previously released on the 1994 BLUE MOON bootleg and the German radio broadcasts.
> previously released 1997 LOGOSTYPES/LOGOTYPES bootleg, with original track title

1997 – LOGOSTYPES / LOGOTYPES (CD) – Bootleg of a soundboard cassette tape of the rehearsals for the 1982 Fall tour, recorded in Polygon Studio, Berlin. Most of this material was played in the 1982 concerts, released on the Logos Live official release, and the Tangerine Tree/Tangerine Leaves 1982 concert archives. Versions of some of this material was used in The Keep film, and the 1997 The Keep Original Soundtrack from TDI. I have noted below which parts appear in the film.

1. Infernal Device (3:08)
2. Hijack (3:22)
3. Rush Of Joy (5:10) +Heritage Survival
4. Mirage (2:37) A version of this music was used as the soundtrack for the trailers promoting the film. Used on some bootlegs of The Keep, although it does not appear in the film.
5. Desert Run (3:58) +Sign in the Dark
6. Renewed Purpose (4:18) +The Night in Romania - portions used in the film The Keep
7. Dreamscape (6:13)
8. Choronzon (8:08)
9. Tangent (3:28)
10. Mojave Plan (4:48)
11. Harbor Entry (2:28)
12. Last Hope (6:54)
13. The Keep: Dark Atmosphere (1:50)
14. Black Light (4:08)
15. Release (5:18) This track was remixed used for the Silver Cross part of the film The Keep, known as Brothers in Death, Removing the Silver Cross, and Release on other bootlegs
16 Descent Into Madness (4:36) This track was remixed used for the part of the film where Kaempffer confronts Molasar in The Keep, known as Incarnation (Molasar's Theme), Death of Woermann and Kaempffer, and Molasar Aftermath and Death of Kaempffer on other bootlegs

Total Time: 110:00

+ similar tracks also found on the TDI official 1997 release The Keep, with original track title.

1997 - ELECTRONIC ORGY from Orbiting Soundbits/Telex International (4 CD).

A 4 CD bootleg compilation of existing music from several TD's albums up to this point, including film soundtrack music, live tracks, some promo and radio broadcast tracks, and three tracks related to The Keep. Those tracks are from the 1987 and 1989 German radio broadcasts. Of those, only Gloria is similar to one of the pieces of music used in the actual the film. Because of the amount of music on this bootleg and the fact that it was being sold wholesale in the USA, it caught the notice of TD, who then started to actively take legal action against the producers.

Disc Two - Tracks 11 - 15

1. Moorland (3:53)
2. Fisherman's Morning (3:24)
3. Romanian Road (2:55)
4. Sailing Mission (3:02)
5. Gloria (3:10). The 1997 TDI version is the same but with additional keyboards added.

1995 THE KEEP WIDESCREEN LASER DISK - The LD version of the movie was released in widescreen format. This was the last official release of the film in any format.


The Keep film photos by Graham Attwood, copyright Paramount Pictures.

CONTRIBUTORS - I wrote this article with LOTS of help and contributions from friends and fellow TD fans, and fans of The Keep. Thanks go to Jim, Ed, Jerome, Arxemand, Geoff. If you would like to contribute any additional info, photos, or know of any other bootlegs or other sources of this music, feel free to email.
SOURCES - The Keep Handbook of Production Information, Fangoria magazine #31 1983, Starburst magazine June 1983, Film Comment magazine December 1983, Fantastic Films magazine March 1984, Fangoria magazine #33 1984, Fangoria magazine #36 1984, l'Ecran Fantastique magazine May 1984, Starfix magazine April 1984, Mad Movies magazine May 1987, Totally Wired magazine April 1986, Tangerine Dream: Remembering the Dream, The Art of Film: John Box and Production Design (Wallflower 2009), The Cinema of Michael Mann: Vice and Vindication (Wallflower 2013), and numerous other MM and TD interviews.

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