The Keep Score by Tangerine Dream

Strange Obsessions for the Music from an Obscure 1983 Supernatural Horror Film

Written by Kit Rae (and friends). Last update December 2013.


1994 – THE COMPLETE WORKS OF THE KEEP Limited Edition (CD). A bootleg, supposedly limited to 500 copies. It features tracks from the 1994 Blue Moon bootleg, and some tracks that appear to have been created by mixing various bootleg tracks with official Tangerine Dream album tracks. The Glaeken Awakens/Eva and Glaeken Love theme appeared for the first time on a bootleg, called Crossing Saver here. This was recorded from the Laser Disk, so sound effects are present. The music TD used in Crossing Saver was a re-recording piece of music called Moorland, composed by TD for a German TV show in 1983.

1.  Sailing Mission (3:51)   *Evil Healing
2.  Reign of Terror (5:20)  *The Black Soldiers
3.  Dinu Pass I (3:02)  *The Black Soldiers
4.  Dinu Pass II (4:07)  *The Keep (Main Title)
5.  Mighty Castle (8:15)  *The Black Soldiers (1st Mix)
6. Leave Taking (1:22)  ( from Logos?)
7. Crossing Saver (4:01) Taken directly from the Laser Disk. This is the first time this music (Glaeken sailing, Glaeken/Eva love theme) has appeared on a bootleg, a variant of a TD 1983 TV soundtrack track called Moorland
8. Gloria (1:42)  from the German radio broadcast. The 1997 TDI version is the same but with additional keyboards added.
9. Denounce (3:45) *taken from Glaeken's Quest
10. Terrible (5:42)
11. Fisherman's Morning (6:44)  *Deadly Silver Crosses
12. Glow in the Dark (8:20)  *Brothers In Death/ from Logos Part 1
13. The Keep Theme (3:57)
14. Sailing Mission (3:05) *Sailing Mission
15. Gloria (3:06)         
16. Fisherman's Morning (3:19) * Fisherman's Morning
17. Romanian Road (2:52)  * Romanian Road

Total running time 74:06
* taken from the 1994 BLUE MOON bootleg, with original track title.

The Keep Blue Moon Records

1994(?) - THE KEEP – Blue Moon Records (CD) – This topped the 1992 The Keep (First Mix) bootleg, including those same tracks, the 1987 and 1989 German radio broadcast tracks, plus a few tracks recorded directly from the VHS tape of the film for the 1990 70/90 bootleg. The same bootleg has appeared with several covers.

1. Dinu Pass (3:06) from the First Mix bootleg
2. The Keep (Main Title) from the First Mix bootleg
3. The Black Soldiers (5:14) from the First Mix bootleg
4. Deadly Silver Crosses (6:30) from the First Mix bootleg
5. Brothers In Death (8:07)   from the First Mix bootleg (also from Logos part 1)
6. Evil Healing (3:50)  from the First Mix bootleg
7. Glaeken's Quest (4:38)  from the First Mix bootleg
8. The Evil From Within (4:47) from the First Mix bootleg
9. The Black Soldiers (1st Mix) (8:57)  from the First Mix bootleg
10. Gloria (3:05)  from the 1987 German radio broadcast. The 1997 TDI version is the same but with additional keyboards added.         
11. Romanian Road (2:51)  from the 1987 German radio broadcasts
12. Fisherman's Morning (3:20) from the 1989 German radio broadcasts
13. Sailing Mission (3:00)  from the 1989 German radio broadcasts  
14. The Keep 'Mid Theme' (Remix) (1:49) from the 70/90 bootleg, taken from the Laser Disk
15. The Keep 'End Theme' (Remix) (2:22)  from the 70/90 bootleg, taken from the Laser Disk

Total Time: 66:40

The Keep First Mix

1992(?) - THE KEEP (FIRST MIX) from OST (CD). After losing hope that we would ever see a soundtrack released, about ten years after the film release this bootleg appeared, containing some of the original music material created by Tangerine Dream for The Keep. This is supposed original studio out takes from a "studio master tape" broadcast on German radio, and they are indeed Tangerine Dream's original recordings created for the film. This was the first release of some of the original source music. Much of it was used again and again on later bootlegs. Only tracks 1-9 are from the radio broadcast. The last two tracks were taken from The Keep VHS tape, to give a more complete picture of the score.

The much loved Main Title music is Tangerine Dream doing essentially a cover arrangement of Brian Eno and David Byrne’s song Mea Culpa from their 1981 album My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, although this was not acknowledged in the end credits of the film.

1. Dinu Pass (3:07) A stripped down version of the main title music. Basically just the drum and sequencer rhythm.
2. The Keep (Main Title) (4:04) Tangerine Dream's arrangement of Mea Culpa by Brian Eno/David Byrne. This sounds like an early or alternate mix as it is not exactly the same as the film version.
3. The Black Soldiers (5:13)
4. Deadly Silver Crosses (6:02) This music is briefly heard when Kaempffer and his men cross the bridge into the Keep after executing the villagers. It was also used as the music for the trailers to the film.
5. Brothers In Death (8:10) from Logos part 1
6. Evil Healing (3:52)
7. Glaeken's Quest (4:44)
8. The Evil From Within (4:41)
9. The Black Soldiers (1st mix) (8:53)
10. Gloria (1:46) recorded from the Laser Disk with sound effects
11. The Keep End Theme (4:24) recorded from the Laser Disk with sound effects

Total Time: 55:04

1992 – 70/90 from Burping Cow Productions. Reissue of the 1990 bootleg.

1990 – 70/90 from Digital Matrix. A bootleg compilation of Tangerine Dream movie soundtrack music from1970-1990. This was simply music recorded directly from the VHS tapes and television broadcasts of these films, with dialogue and sound effects. Includes two sections from The Keep VHS and the track Moorland, which contained elements of the love them/Glaeken theme music from the film.

2. The Keep "Mid-Theme" (1:52)
3. The Keep "End Theme" (2:35)
10. Moorland (4:00)

1989 – WDR GERMAN RADIO BROADCAST, February 23, 1989. Westdeutscher Rundfunk (West German Broadcasting), a German public broadcasting service. Includes interviews about The Keep and broadcast of two previously released, and one unreleased Tangerine Dream studio recordings. Gloria is the same piece mentioned below, and the only one that appears in the film, although in a different form than this. These tracks would later be released in modified form by TDI/Virgin on the The Keep Original Soundtrack in 1997.

1. Fisherman's Morning (2:44) Appears on the 1997 TDI release, but not used in the film.
2. Sailing Mission (3:02) Appears on the 1997 TDI release, but not used in the film.
3. Gloria (3:05) Tangerine Dream's arrangement of the "Gloria" section Puer Natus Est Nobis (by T. Tallis 1505-1585). Very different from the film version. The 1997 TDI version is the same but with additional keyboards added.

1987 – SFB GERMAN RADIO BROADCAST, August 23, 1987. Broadcast on Sender Freies Berlin (Radio Free Berlin), a public radio service for West Berlin. This was a three hour broadcast with Edgar Froese that includes interviews about The Keep and the broadcast of three unreleased Tangerine Dream studio tracks. Gloria is a different recording of the piece used in the film (when Molasar carries Eva to Cuza after saving her from being raped), but more acapella, without the choir-like, huge cathedral-like reverb sound and heavy keyboards. The other tracks were not used in the film. This was the first glimpse of the actual music material Tangerine Dream created for the film, but that was not actually used in the film. These tracks would later be released in modified form by TDI/Virgin on the The Keep Original Soundtrack in 1997.

1. Gloria (2:56) Tangerine Dream's arrangement of the "Gloria" section Puer Natus Est Nobis (by T. Tallis 1505-1585). Very different from the film version. The 1997 TDI version is the same but with additional keyboards added.
2. Romanian Road (2:48) Appears on the 1997 TDI release, but not used in the film.
3. Interview, Sailing Mission (1:18) Appears on the 1997 TDI release, but not used in the film.

1986 –THE KEEP LASER DISK - The Keep was released on Laser Disk in Japan in 1986.

1985 –THE KEEP VIDEOCASSETTE - The Keep was released in VHS in West Germany as Die Unheimliche Macht (The Legacy) and in Finland as Paholaisen Pesä (The Devil's Nest). It was the first time the film was seen in either country.


1984 –THE KEEP LASER DISK - The Keep was released on Laser Disk in pan-and-scan (non-widescreen edition) by Paramount Home Video on December 31st 1984. Many soundtrack bootlegs released after the laser disk became available were made from audio recorded directly from the laser disk, with sound effects and dialogue.

Many people have confused this in their memory with an actual vinyl LP soundtrack album because laser disks slip cases were the same size as LP's. I even had friends on more than one occasion point it out exitedly in music/video stores (I looked for the soundtrack LP every time I went in a music/video store) thinking it was a vinyl LP. I was the first one of my group of friends to have a Laser Disk player, so I had to sadly point out that was actually just the laser disk movie.

The Keep VHS Box

The 1984 and 1989 American VHS cover art from Paramount Home Video

The United Kingdom, France, and Mexico cover art from CIC Video

1984 –THE KEEP VIDEOCASSETTE - The Keep was released on VHS and Betamax videocassette by Paramount Home Video in December 1984 and by CIC Video with different cover art and film titles for different regions. Shown above are a few of the different covers:

America and United Kingdom - The Keep
Denmark and Sweden - Satans Borg (Satan's Castle)
France - La Forteresse Noire (The Black Fortress)
Mexico - El fuerte Infernal (The Strong Hell)

1984 – THE KEEP ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK (cancelled) – Virgin Records. LP and cassette tape formats. The official release of the film soundtrack was announced and listed in Virgin Records catalog for 1984, but the release was cancelled due to licensing conflicts between the film producer and Virgin Records. No worldwide distribution ever occurred. Reportedly a small number of pressings made it into stores in 1984, although Tangerine Dream has denied this.

I remember seeing a soundtrack LP in stores myself in mid 1984, and there are several accounts from others who saw it, including author F. Paul Wilson who saw it not long after the film had been pulled from theaters in 1984, but none have ever verifiably turned up in circulation since. This release most likely would have contained some of the same tracks played on German radio in 1987 and 1989, as well as tracks later released on the 1997 official TDI release of The Keep, which included mostly material composed for the film and recorded in February 1984, but not used in the film. Shown above is the supposed album cover art for the original 1984 release of The Keep, sent to me in 2005 by a person who tried to buy it on ebay. It looks similar to what I remember seeing in mid 1984, although without seeing the back cover there is no way to verify if this is legitimate or just another bootleg.

There have been several bootlegs that attempted to pass themselves off as being copied from the original OST album, but so far all have ben verified as fakes. If you have any info about the original LP, think you own a copy, or know someone who does, please pass along the information using my email adress below, or Steven Feldman of Molasar's Hompage. Molasar's Homepage is a website dedicated to finding an original copy of that soundtrack, with information about the film, rare magazine interviews, and information about F. Paul Wilson's Secret History of the World novels, which include The Keep, first book in his Adversary Cycle.

In 2013 Stéphane Piter (who runs La Forteresse Niore website) shared album cover art and an mp3 with Steven Feldman (who runs Molasar's Hompage) of a version of The Night in Romania track from what was purported to be music from the original LP of The Keep music. This is the only track Stéphane aquired from the LP, in 2004. Steven had seen the album in 2001 when it was offered for sale on a French website. After examining the mp3 Steven noticed that it was different than the official version released on the 1997 TDI CD. It also included needle noise that indicated it came from a vinyl source. He concluded that it came from the original 1984 LP. I am no expert, but I examined the sound waves in Audacity and compared it to bootleg version, the TDI version, and the film version. Part of it is identical to the TDI track, but the beginning starts earlier with a fade in. The ending is different but matches closely to the film music in the scene where Cuza, Eva, and Mihail meet in the keep. It sounds legitimate to me. There is always the possibility that this may have been faked, but so far this is the only evidence that has surfaced of a track that may be from the actual 1984 LP record. Your can hear the track below in a youtube Steven put together for the 30th anniversary of the film's release.

Logos Live_Tangerine Dream

1982 – LOGOS LIVE (LP album, cassette, and CD). An official release of a live Tangerine Dream concert performed November 6th,1982 at the Dominion Theatre, London, England. Released in December 1982, within weeks of being recorded, it contains 51 minutes of the original two hour concert. Logos is one of the most beloved live album releases by TD. Edited and remixed sections of this concert were used by Michael Mann in the 1983 film score for The Keep, as well as sections of the original concert that were not included on this official release (they were later released on the Logostype bootleg, and the Tangerine Leaves Volume 1 live concert archive). Sections used in the film are noted below. These section names were not on the original album sleeve, but are the names used on the bootleg recordings.

1. Logos, Part One (25:41)
--Logos Intro (4:32)
--Logos Cyan (2:29)
--Logos Velvet (4:49)
--Logos Red (8:26) - Some sections are similar to music used in The Keep
--Logos Blue (5:14) - Remixed sections of this were used in The Keep for the scene where the Germans remove the silver cross, releasing Molasar. Also known as Brothers in Death, Removing the Silver Cross, and Release on later bootlegs of The Keep music.

2. Logos, Part Two (19:28)
--Logos Black (4:36) - A remixed version of this was used in The Keep for the scene where Kaempffer confronts Molasar, known as Incarnation (Molasar's Theme), Death of Woermann and Kaempffer, and Molasar Aftermath and Death of Kaempffer on later bootlegs of The Keep music. It is one of the most effective pieces of music in the film.
--Logos Green (5:05)
--Logos Yellow (7:05)
--Logos Coda (2:33)
3. Dominion – 5:45

The Keep Poster


The Keep film photos copyright Paramount Pictures.

CONTRIBUTORS - I wrote this article with LOTS of help and contributions from friends and fellow TD fans, and fans of The Keep. Thanks go to Jim, Ed, Jerome, Arxemand, Geoff. If you would like to contribute any additional info, photos, or know of any other bootlegs or other sources of this music, feel free to email.
SOURCES -, The Keep Handbook of Production Information, Fangoria magazine #31 1983, Starburst magazine June 1983, Film Comment magazine December 1983, Fantastic Films magazine March 1984, Fangoria magazine #33 1984, Fangoria magazine #36 1984, l'Ecran Fantastique magazine May 1984, Starfix magazine April 1984, Mad Movies magazine May 1987, Totally Wired magazine April 1986, Tangerine Dream: Remembering the Dream, The Art of Film: John Box and Production Design (Wallflower 2009), The Cinema of Michael Mann: Vice and Vindication (Wallflower 2013), FantaZine #4 1984(?), and numerous other MM and TD interviews.

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