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Where did I get all of this information? Primarily from my own Big Muff collection, those of others who have been gracious enough to loan me their pedals, send photos to me, or pass along information. Reading Ron Neely's Electro-Harmonix articles and Bjorn Riis Big Muff section on are probably what got me interested in writing a Big Muff history in the beginning. Those guys have some great info, but I found there was so much more to be told I decided to create my own site. My research covered just about every Big Muff or Electro-Harmonix article or Mike matthews interview I could get my hands on. The people who worked on the circuit designs also graciously contributed info to this site - Mike Matthews, Bob Myer, Fran Blanche, Howard Davis, John Pisani, and others. Other Big Muff knowledge came from numerous conversations with Muff owners and collectors through various guitar and gear forums over the years, as well as studying photos of thousands of Big Muff auction on ebay (the ones I stopped myself from bidding on!) and picking the brains of their owners. These were also some handy references - History of the Muff article by Kevin Macy, several Vintage Guitar Magazine articles, and a Music Trade magazine article on Mike Matthews. Most of what you will find on this site regarding the Big Muffs themselves came form simply studying my Big Muff pedal collection, which at one point included multiple examples of practically every single version of the Pi.

I have tried to verify or cross reference everything on my website so it is as accurate as possible. If you find any errors that you can verify or have any additional information, please email me and let me know. I want this website to be as informative and accurate as possible for us Big Muff junkies. Below are some other great resources. One thing to note - a few of the resources below do have information that is incorrect or incomplete. Also, links ocassionally die when pages are deleted and no longer exist, so some of these may not work.

Electro Harmonix Home Page - official website

Electro Harmonix Big Muff Page - official website

Guitar Effect Pedals - The Practical handbook by Dave Hunter/Backbeat Books. Good Electro-Harmonix effects overview and great interview with Mike Matthews.

The Stomp Box by Art and Dave Thompson/Miller Freeman Books. Good stompbox effects overview and another great interview with Mike Matthews.

Bye, Bye Miss Big Muff Pi - Part 1 - Very good article by the "EH man", Ron Neely

Bye, Bye Miss Big Muff Pi - Part 1 - Very good article by the "EH man", Ron Neely

Bye, Bye Miss Big Muff PI Pt. 2 - Even more of that very good article

The Sovtek Big Muff: A History In Pictures - Article by the "EH Man", Ron Neeley

Of EH, Mosrite and Guild - Article by the "EH Man", Ron Neeley

David Gilmour Tone Building - my web pages about getting the various David Gilmour and Pink floyd guitar tones Big Muff Buyer's Guide - This is the website that sparked my interest in creating my Big Muff Page. Excellent reference if you are into the David Gilmour / Pink Floyd Big Muff sound, by the man who has done more research into David's gear than probably anyone on the planet Earth. Bjorn is also the guitarist for the band Airbag and the Pink Floyd tribute band The Pink Floyd Experience

Big Muff Pi Versions and schematics - Note that much of the information about versions and transistors used is incomplete or wrong.

Discofreq's FX Site - Big Muff photos of all the different version and clones, and a great visula resource for effects pedals, both vintage and modern

Giovanni Guzetta's Big Muff page - This one is in Italian, so run it through the Yahoo Babel Fish website translator or similar to read. I know it's not very complete and there are errors, but this was one of the very first Big Muff website I ever found, back in 2001. This really got me started in this hobby.

The Big Muff Museum - Another Big Muff photo library

Pedal Heaven - More Big Muff photos

The Comprehensive BIG MUFF Thread - Harmony Central - a lot of Big Muff talk. Some links don't work


Electro Harmonix Forums - official website forums.

The Gear Page forums - Look up the Big Muff threads.

The Gilmour Gear Forum - An excellent forum for all things David Gilmour. Some good threads about the Big Muffs from people who use them. forums - One of the first DIY forums with electronics discussions. Check out the Big Muff threads in the archives section for some fun reading.

Free forums - Look up the Big Muff threads forums - Look up the Big Muff threads


Big Muff Schematics, Articles, and Modifications - Dana's excellent Big Muff website with schematics for all the vintage USA and Russian made Big Muffs and articles about the Big Muff circuit. Dana is also an administrator on the EHX forums.

The Free Information Society - Big Muff Schematics

Big Muff Pi Versions / - Big Muff Schematics. Note that much of the information about versions and transistors used is incomplete or wrong.

Inside a vintage triangle Big Muff - Pix from

Big Muff Pi mods and tweaks - some great Big Muff mods. This is one of the best pages for the most common Big Muff mods. NOTE: the original page no longer exists so I archived it HERE

General Guitar Gadgets - Big Muff Projects

General Guitar Gadgets - Big Muff mods, materials, and schematics to make most versions

Big Muff Rehousing - How to rehouse your old Big Muffs in smaller enclosures

Ronsound - Effect Repairs and Repros

The EH Man's Electro-Harmonix Extravaganza/Ronsound - Ron's website


Stomp Under Foot - Matt makes very accurate hand made clones of all of the vintage Big Muff models and his prices are very reasonable. He also creates some of his own spins on the Muff circuit. Matts CWM is a near perfect clone of a Civil War Big Muff. His Violte Ram's Head, and Op-amp Fuzz are also great.

BYOC - Build Your Own Clone. The Large Beaver is one of the best vintage Muff clones out there for the money. Kits are vailable for both the Triangle and Ram's Head specs. You have to put them together yourself, or see below...

Axe...And You Shall Recieve - Scott's cool gear website and the place to get pre-built BYOC pedals if you would rather not attempting to solder them yourself

Skreddy Pedals - Very cool Muff and fuzz hand made pedals by Marc Ahlfs of California. The Skreddy Mayonaise (Marc's first pedal) was an exact clone of a unique Triangle Big Muff. His later version, the Mayo, was a more aggressive version of the Mayonaise . His Pink Flesh was a muff tuned for Pink Floyd's The Wall tones. The Top Fuel is for the 90s to current Gilmour tones, and the Lunar Module nails the Dark Side of the Moon fuzz tones very well. The Pig Mine is geared towards the Animals Muff tones, but sounds very similar to the Pink Flesh.

TopTone - Hand made Big Muff type pedals by Olmar Garcia of Brazil. Olmar's DG-1 is very similar to the Pete Cornish P-1 and his DG-2 is based on the Cornish G-2. Expensive, but very high quality pedals.

Blackout Effectors - Muff type pedals hand made by Kyle in Ashville, NC. The Musket is one of the most versatile Sovtek Big Muff clones one the market, with a very wide range of tones. Highly recommended.

Tym Guitars - Tym Guitars is an Australian guitar and effects shop. Tim makes clones of a few different vintage Big Muff models, with some very cool pedal art, and he has worked on J Mascis Big Muffs! (Dinosaur Jr.). Great Mosrite guitar history on the website too.

D*A*M Big Muff Clones

Frantone Electronics - Great hand made pedals by Fran Blanche, designer of the USA re-issue Big Muff circuit. Check out her fuzz pedal, the Sweet.

Absolutely Analog - Green Russian Big Muff clone


KSR Custom Shop - Kevin Russell's shop does Muff mods and repairs. Email:

Ronsound - Effect Repairs and Repros by Ron Neely, the E-H man. Also one of the moderators of the EHX forum

AnalogMan - AnalogMan does mods to pedals, builds custom pedals, and repeairs common pedals like the Big Muff

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